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Laid & Limitless

ORS Olive Oil

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Whether your hair is relaxed, curly, or you’re rocking your flyest wig, showing up with the right hairstyle opens a world of possibilities. You’re free to do you, do the most, or do both every day or every hour if you feel like it. When your hair is laid you don’t have to choose, the opportunities are endless and the possibilities are limitless. 


ORS Olive Oil

Laid & Limitless

Agency: Ten35

CD-Writer: Kendra Croft

CD- Art : Teneka King

ORS Olive Oil _ Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore 

The ORS Olive Oil Relax & Restore is a nourishing oil blend formulated specifically for relaxed and texlaxed hair.

ORS Olive Oil _ Fix It

Fix It | For Wigs & Weaves

For Lace-fronts, wigs & weaves, ORS Olive Oil Fix It promotes strong healthy hair and enhances resilience to styling. Perfect for edges.

ORS Olive Oil _ Max Moisture

Max Moisture 

ORS Olive Oil Max Moisture richly moisturizes, strengthens and restores-delivering superior hair hydration for nourished & soft strands.