"An idea hustler."

Kendra Croft is a thought-provoking creative, who creates from a place of empathy first. She generates ideas that connect with the consumer through timely relevancy and cultural connections. As a strategic thinker, Kendra always follows her creative process down the rabbit hole. She uncovers the root of the why then crafts creative solutions to answer it. She is truly invested in ideas. No matter what problem or question is brought to her, Kendra always finds a way to provide a golden nugget. 


In the office, Kendra can be found one of two places. Hidden in a corner deep in thought writing, or hanging with the team sparking a deep discussion about what did or didn’t work in a new music video release. Communal conversations and sharing perspectives is a big part of Kendra’s creative process. She finds inspiration in others' stories. She thrives on learning about diverse experiences and uncovering hidden human truths. 

Her love for storytelling empowers her to be proficient in branded content and long-form stories. She has worked in everything from non-profit to Red Bull, writing scripts, headlines, short stories, pitch decks, editing short videos, and even stepping up as voice over talent. She truly is a multi-faceted creative that prides herself on her 360-degree approach to executing a creative idea from start to finish. 

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