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Fresh Off the Block

City Gear / Nike


Content | Unscripted

Each episode of City Gear’s Fresh Off The Block series, produced in partnership with Nike and Nice Kicks, takes viewers to a new city to explore the area’s impact on the music scene, basketball, personal style, and the neighborhoods behind the city’s heartbeat.


Style is more than self-expression; it’s an expression of your city, your community, your culture.

Your style is an extension of your DNA.

When the streets are your runway, it doesn’t matter where you show up.

The style is curated, but the swag is effortless.

It’s in your way of walk. Your way of talk.

Your style is your way of letting all those around you know, “I’m here. Take notes.”

When you step out, you always keep it fresh because what you wear is as authentic as you are.

So put on for your city, your neighborhood, your street,

And always show up Fresh Off the Block.


Memphis Musician PreauXx Guides Us Through the Character & Culture of his City - Fresh Off The Block
Memphis Musician PreauXx Guides Us Through the Character & Culture of his City - Fresh Off The Block
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Mvstermind Gives Us A Taste Of St. Louis Culture - Fresh Off The Block
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Kennedy Moore Shows Us How Memphis Influenced His Own Unique Style  Fresh Off The Block
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Born in New Orleans and based in Memphis, this rapper mines musical inspiration from both culturally-rich cities. PreauXX is paving his own lane when it comes to music, with an emphasis on originality and authenticity.


Kennedy Moore

​Kennedy Moore, betterknown online as @kmoorethegoat, is a Memphis-born baller whose passion for basketball was bred in the Memphis city streets. Kennedy Moore is an actor, comedian, artist and American YouTuber known for his animations and skits.



Muhammad Austin, @Mvstermind, rapper, producer and creator of “Mvstercamp", takes viewers through a city that's shaped his sound, St. Louis. 

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