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Have Some Tea with Cousin T

Lipton Tea


Comedy Content Series - Branded Entertainment Experiential 

Lipton Iced Tea set out to turn tea time into we time.  To do so we teamed up with the beloved

T-Pain to become everybody's favorite cousin, Cousin T. Have Some Tea with Cousin T is a content series that parodies our favorite family sitcoms to emphasize the family-friendly appeal of Lipton Tea. 

The Episodes

Episode 1: Welcome Cousin T
Episode 1: Welcome Cousin T
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Episode 2: Grilling with T
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Episode 3: Road Trip With T
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Episode 4: Dinner with Cousin T
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Episode 5: Workout with Cousin T
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We created unique content for TikTok taking fans behind the scenes of Cousin T. Here, T-Pain fans were able to connect with the natural comedic side of the artist they love as he prepares for his Cousin T Character. 

16.1M+ Views

17.5M+ Views

Lipton Fam Fest

We brought our favorite Cousin T to Nashville for a community celebration!


The Lipton Fam Fest is a community block party celebrating The Nashville Black Market for their work in the Nashville community. As community leaders, we believe their work deserves to be recognized, and what better way than to host a block party with a special performance by T-Pain?

Social Activation 

In the weeks leading up to the block party, we held a Lipton Fam Fest contest. The contest was promoted in-store and online via social and digital ads.


Over the seven weeks leading up to the grand prize winner, we gave away $10,000 in grants to seven semi-finalist community leaders. A member of the community nominated each community leader. The leaders spanned across the southern division, each with a unique mission and purpose behind their work. 

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