The Doodle Method

Wise Cheez Doodles

Comedy Content Series - Branded Entertainment

A snack-based-life-guidance-theory is something that no one can turn down. Meet my girl Lindsay! We created an immersive episodic digital series that all revolved around our fictional Life Coach Lindsay. Fans watched as Lindsay’s journey to turn her Doodle Method into a real book played out in our episodes, and as she dished out real Doodle Method advice on her social channels.


Recognition: ONE Show Short List, LA Addy Bronze Winner 2019

The Content

The Character

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Meet Lindsay Conner, a self-proclaimed snack-based life coach. She's a young creator with a bit of a Cheez Doodle obsession. When she unlocks that Cheez Doodles are the key to living a fulfilled life, she sets out to spread the word (and the Cheez Doodles) to anybody who will listen. 

Social Content

Lindsay Connor was a fictional character but had a very real digital presence. She had a fully functioning social media page where she would interact with Doodle fans. In addition to her social Lindsay would post weekly vlog episodes on Youtube during the duration of the campaign. 

The Doodle Method Social

The Case Study

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