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It’s Better This Way.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

After a long Thanksgiving weekend, I woke up this morning needing a little jump start from Big Krit’s 86. Soooo, of course I played the whole mixtape on the way to work.

As Krit wrapped up the mixtape with “It’s better this way” it got me thinking about how the social media age (also known as millennials) have made a new way in the business world. But far too often older generations misinterpret our entrepreneurial spirit as  impatience.

The vast connections of social media have taken the serial entrepreneur to a whole new meaning. In fact, social media is redefining the culture of what being an entrepreneur means. After graduating college and taking on a corporate job, I can feel myself sitting in an old business model. Even despite the fact that I work in social media, I feel as though they have just taken social and mended it into the corporate business model. Which is fine because every business needs a model, but this business model ignores the millennial’s entrepreneurial spirit. It leaves you longing for more and itching to create.

Our eagerness gets labeled as impatience because higher-ups don’t think we are taking the time to learn and grow. But that is quite the opposite. I believe we thrive on reading about the GOAT’s (Greatest of all time) of industries. And we study them just to have the credentials of knowing. With access to learn from far further than what is presented in front of us, we feel limitless.

We are steadily sharpening the mind from every angle to slowly carve out our place in this world. But why do we see our eagerness as drive and passion while older generations see it as walking before we crawl and undisciplined? Because we spend all day and night outside of work or school creating our own content through social media. That is the generational difference. We have been crawling, just not when you were looking.

I feel like old school businesses aren’t paying enough attention or flourishing we young creators, that before you know it we are running. Running away from your corporation to do our own thing. And that’s when we find out, It’s better this way. 

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