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Celebs & Super Bowl Ads

So we all know Super Bowl ads aren’t necessarily how creative can we get, but more so how creative can you get with the celebrities you use. And this year we had a celebrity-packed Super Bowl from big names to big brand mascots, everybody got their 30-60 seconds of fame in between the big game. Now, I’m not knocking the use of celebrity because when done right I believe celebrities and influencers build strong and fast connections with the intended target audience. When you show a person I know and love, using a thing I didn’t know I needed, hey, I’ll probably start making new life choices. Here are my favorite Super Bowl Celeb spots from this year

5 - T-Mobile // Nationwide 5G //Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is known for lovin' his mama. And what better way to show that love than to make sure she is well connected. With a known and loved actor like Anthony, it was nice to see him interact with his mamma, who is ultimately all of our mammas. Questioning why we changed something. Steady trying to prove us wrong. And constantly trying to stay in contact. Ya gotta love em. This spot was a great way to go up against the competition in a loveable manner that will have moms from all over calling their kids asking if they should get T-Mobile.

Check it:

4 - Bud Light/Bud Light Seltzer // #PostyStore // Post Malone

I’m not a big Post Malone fan, but he is funny. And he knows it. He can laugh at himself, laugh at whoever chooses to laugh at him, get a new face tat, paint his nails and drop a hit that jumps to the top of the billboard charts without flinching. So Bud Light Seltzer’s choice to use Post Malone to launch their new product was actually pretty fun and, well, refreshing. Posty got to make a fool of himself, while Bud Light got to explain this new product with comedy and ease. His little tatted people in his head represented the exact mental debate the audience will have when they visit the cooler and see this new can that looks like White Claw, with the same makeup as Truly but says Bud Light. Barrrgh?  Thank you mini Postys for the explanation.

Check it:

3 - Pringles // Pringles Rick and Morty Commercial // Rick & Morty

The beauty of Rick and Morty is that it’s a cartoon TV show with limitless alternate universes that have limitless unknowns that only Rick would ever be able to explain. The key to using Rick and Morty is to tap into those universes with insights or ideas that are just as odd and quirky as the show. So when Pringles had the nerve to tell us to buy not 1 can but 3 cans of Pringles to stack them and make weird flavor combos this was a perfect opportunity to partner without beloved odd character combo. This dystopian commercial played naturally into the Rick and Morty world with the show’s classic unexpected twist to drive home a message.

Check it:

2 - QuickenLoans // “Comfortable” // Jason Momoa

Simple, unexpected, and funny. Jason Momoa catches everyone’s attention whether he’s on the red carpet or the big screen. He’s a big fun lovable guy that every girl wants to look at and every man wants to look like. (Yes, I know that’s problematic, but look at him. Like for real.) So as Jason started this spot we had no idea where it was going, and when he removed those big burly arms that were all the rave at the Golden Globes, we got the joke and the messaging was clear. As little scrawny Jason sat on his couch playing some weird instrument that I don’t even know how to look up, the spot ended with a smile and a comedic spin on the audience’s view of our beloved Khal Drogo.

Check it:

1 - Jeep // “Groundhog Day” // Bill Murray

I’ve seen the movie. Hell, we’ve all seen the movie. And we’ve seen it done and redone at least 10 different ways. So my expectations for this spot came with a slight eye roll. It’s Bill and a Groundhog. But by the end of it, I was sitting with a smile because it was a fun and entertaining car spot, with a nice unexpected twist that is true to the Jeep brand. In fact, they took my eye roll and said: “We know, we know, but pay attention.” Ending with Jeep’s take away that “no day is the same with a Jeep” was a perfect way to twist the Groundhog Day metaphor. I thought this idea was a great use of recall from a classic movie, with a classic actor, on Groundhog day none the less. Jeep took the cake for me, plus that groundhog was pretty cute.

Check it:

Comical Mention: (My version of honorable mention)

Hyundai Sonata // Smaht Pahk // 4 Boston Celebs: Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, David Ortiz

This spot successfully introduced the smart part feature with repetition, comedy, and localized insights. Even if you’re not from Boston or don’t get the accent, you know one thing, the Hyundai Sonata has Smart Park, and you know exactly what it does. Tapping into some of our favorite Boston celebs to give us a good laugh around their accents just helped the spot become even more endearing and thoughtful. Plus, it’s kind of nice to see a car add without a person driving the car right?

Check it:

And if you’re still reading, can we all give a collective strong side-eye to Planters. #BabyNut? Whaaaat?? Did a group of college frat boys take over the brand?

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