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501 Live by Levi's

I'm late, but hopefully, you weren't. 

Last week I came across a viral IG live video of Doja Cat singing her latest hit "Juicy" on a mic while dancing around in her house. Oh yeah, in a pink bubble suit and a jean jacket that was holding on for dear life. And after watching her recite Roddy Ricch's viral hit "The Box" as if she was in a Shakespearean play while wearing a full-on chainmail helmet the day before, this pink suit was just Doja doing what Doja does. Upon further review, I found out that that struggling jacket had more of a purpose than the comedy it provided for Doja Cat's performance. 

Levi's 501 Live

This performance was a part of Levi's 501 Live Instagram Concert series. Launched on March 22, the start of week two of this quarantine life. Levi's was on it! They announced the 501 Live as an effort to use music to build a sense of community and encourage people to "stay home, stay connected." And while we've been talking about D Nice and VERZUZ, they have been going! Every weekday at 5:01 pm, PST Levi's had a performer take to their IG live and do their thing.


And I'm not saying it's Coachella, but it's a lineup to see. 

Kali Uchis, Snoop Dogg DJ Set, Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas DJ Set, Dani Leigh, Vic Mensa, Alec Benjamin, Moses Sumney, Brett Young, Ravyn Lenae, Sigrid, Questlove, Burna Boy, Kiana Lede, Jim James, Duckwrth, Original Koffee, Charlotte Lawrence, SG Lewis, Chika, Doja Cat, Hayleau, Harry Hudson, Jaden Smith, The Head, and the Heart

… so far. I can't wait to see who performs next.

I love that Levi's jumped on this so quickly and activated their influencers and partnerships. It's a simple way to spread a little joy during uncertain times using the access you have, and when your unafraid to have a playful wildcard artist like Doja Cat on your roster, you may even cut through the content clutter and go viral. As a Levi's swiftly stepped up on the entertainment side and the philanthropy side to help through music and provide resources.

This is another tidbit "Of Music and Marketing" brought to you by me,


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