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10 Things to Listen to Before 2016

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Let’s bring in 2016 by reminiscing on the great music of 2015. Below is a list of albums and songs that are top of mind in my look back at 2015’s music.

Just Sayin’: This is my blog, my opinion, and based off of what I have listened to this year. But if you feel I’m sleep leave a comment below, respectfully of course.

Broke and Famous 2

10 Broke and Famous 2 – Dormtainment

Y'all can play me but these boys are catchy. I have newly discovered Dormtainment and after exhausting all of their YouTube videos I had to take a listen to the new album. This album is a combination of great beats, hilarious comedy, and all the shit you’re probably thinking but too broke and “unfamous” to say.

tha truth

9 Tha Truth – Trae that Truth

Trae the Truth made a huge comeback for his fans with this album. He kept his style and flow while diversifying his delivery with a variety of features. This album truly reminded me of why I fell in love with Houston music in the first place. This was Trae’s truth and the truth of the south.

8 Compton – Dr. Dre

Compton Dr Dre

Let’s take if from the dirty south to the west coast. Listening to this album is truly like watching a motion picture through your ears. The composition and production of Compton keeps your attention from start to finish. Compton got a lot of love this year and Dre introduced us to that love.


7 Back 2 Back – Drake

This song made me a Drake fan again. In the words of Wale, “This was the most respectful dis record ever made.” Drake won this beef with pure strategy. Back to Back got the clubs jumping, the office party bumping, and even went on to be the first dis recorded ever nominated for a Grammy. Need I say more?

6 The Documentary - The Game


You may have heard about The Game more in social media dialogue than in music industry dialogue, but this album was a reminder of when we first met The Game. Game used his social media savvy to promote this album to his fans, and they jumped on board. Hey, if my timeline is talking it must be worth listening.

5 It's Better This Way - Big Krit

It's Better this way

Krit solidified that his mixtapes are better than his albums and why. If you didn’t immediately love this album, then you may not have listened to it in your car with the bass just right and speakers in the trunk. This was a mixtape that you not only had to listen to but feel as you ride. It’s just better that way.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.42.51 AM

4 Black Friday - Kendrick Lamar &

J Cole

Let’s just all take some time to re-listen to the greatest surprise of the holiday season. We asked for the collab, we circulated the rumors, and now we know they have heard us. If this doesn’t build you excitement for 2016, then I don’t know if we can be friends. #NewYearNewFriends

What a time to be alive

3 What a Time to be Alive –

Drake & Future

The soundtrack for celebration, the Golden State Warriors, and 2015 as a whole. No matter how tough things may be this album will get you thinking about all the blessings in your life. Who can resist the turn up when this is playing in your ear. Dab on ’em!


2 The Album About Nothing - Wale

I might get some flack for this one, haha) Yes, this is my number 2 album of 2015. Who knew an album about nothing, could say so much. (Oh, you get it now.) Wale’s lyrical content is commonly overlooked and misunderstood. If you weren’t feeling this album on your first try, give it another listen before 2016.

1 To Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

to pimp a butterflu

11 Grammy Nominations. K, bye.

Kendrick started off our year right. A good album is like a good movie. Every time you listen to it, you see or hear something new. Kendrick is going down in history for this one.

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